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Here is my response when asked this question, "What is wisdom?"

Wisdom provides guidance on the way to righteousness.  Proverbs 4: (9-10) says, "She will place on your head an ornament of grace; a crown of glory she will deliver you.  Hear my son, and receive my sayings, AND the years of your life will be many."  Wisdom reveals itself with grace, preserves character, requires trust, is teachable, and relies on God.

Wisdom is the exact opposite of independence and arrogance.  James says wisdom is peace loving, sincere, and full of mercy.  Wisdom does not take sides, does not harm, and is full of sound judgment.  Applying wisdom is to use the best means, at the best time, to accomplish the best results.

Best of all, wisdom relates to developing an eternal perspective of life.  The only way to attain wisdom is "thru the fear of the Lord!"  And to fear God is to nurture an attitude of awe and humility before Him and walk in dependence in every area of your life.  That is wisdom.

So then, how do you become wise?  Wise people have an accurate perspective and insight into human behavior.  They observe human nature and have emotional intelligence.  They know what they know from real life experiences, not from book learning.  As a rule, they keep what they know to themselves, but are willing to share with OPEN MINDED learners.  They have a talent of asking the right questions.  They can communicate what they know as doors of learning open.

Wisdom reads people well and can see through hidden motives and manipulators. They are optimistic and can work through tough situations.  You can view wisdom as to know when and how and even whether to apply knowledge you have gain.  Knowledge knows how to apply information.

Wisdom is developed from life-long, child-like curiosity.  Wise people are wise rather than hostile.  Wisdom is gain ny living through rough situation.  You gain wisdom through hard work and valuable lessons.  See seven pillars of wisdom, Proverbs chapter 9: verse 1.



A man is a fool who gets rich on earth, but not in heaven.  We should know that we are saved by grace and grace alone.  Salvation comes to everyone the same way, but heaven is not the same for everyone once they arrive.  Eternity will be decided by the deeds performed while on earth.  Earth is not your final home.  Our citizenship in heaven is free, but the rewards vary significantly.  An eternal focus carries with it a plan.  The question is, "how do I live a Kingdom lifestyle for heaven's rewards?"  If you understand that eternal life never ends, then you think long term about what you consider important, and a short sighted plan is a man without a vision.


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