Writings from Pastor Finch:


by Pastor C. Finch

When God rescues us from ourselves, from darkness and the evil powers that emanate from the abyss, we ask in prayer to be rescued from hurt, pain, sickness, frustration, our human limitations, our lack of spiritual knowledge, our enemies, our failures, our evil passions and lust, habits and vices.

When we ask the Creator to intervene--to step out of eternity, the realm of the sprit, and step into time, our time--chronos time-- the natural realm, do we really know? do we really understand? can we fathom the awesomeness that has taken place on our behalf?  He who said let there be light has moved in terms of motion-- in terms of come to pass.

He has shifted the cosmos for our behalf.  His all-knowing all-seeing heart has been tugged by our human need for help either for ourselves or a loved one.  The power that was given to us, we being frail in nature but able to hold the power of the Godhead in totality in our spirit:

When we pray not my will but let Thy will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

This prayer of rescue anthems in the portals of heaven, it reaches the very heart of the Creator, time can't stop it, darkness can't stop it, nor demons or circumstances or events on earth.  Thy will be done is the very essence of the Kingdom of heaven and how it was brought into existence.  Thy will be done supersedes the natural order of things and brings the natural realm under subjection to the supernatural which is the kingdom of God.

So I say with total confidence that every prayer that Jesus Christ prayed here on earth; the wedding at Cana, the widow of Nain; the demon possessed man of the Gadarenes; all the way to the cross when He committed His spirit into the hands of the Father--it was that divine prayer of rescue; Let Thy will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

Matthew 6:10