What We Believe

At Alpha, we teach that man is a three-part being: spirit, soul, and body. Man was created to have fellowship with God in his spirit with total dependence upon God as the source for life. The temptation in the garden was for Adam to be self-sufficient, an independent being. When Adam acted independently of God and sinned, the spirit in man, being so seriously violated, ceased to be the link between himself and God. Fellowship with God, which is always spiritual, was destroyed and the spirit sank down into subjection to man’s soul. As a result, man became a totally other type of species than what God intended.

We believe that salvation is a process that begins in the spirit of man and spreads outward to transform our soul and quicken our mortal body. Being born again is not an intellectual decision to accept a creed or doctrine, but it is becoming a new creation. At your new birth, God’s Holy Spirit joins with your human spirit, making your spirit alive and functioning again, and fellowship with God is restored.

It is in the spirit of man that new birth takes place. We believe that once that happens, your spirit is complete, but the human soul (your mind, will, and emotions) remains untouched and in need of transformation or conversion. Jesus completed the work in our spirit, but the soul is the responsibility of the individual. Paul, in his letter to the Philippians, refers to the process as “working out your own salvation” (Philippians 2:12). As transformation occurs, your thinking will be different; your behavior will change, and your attitude will reflect the process of conversion taking place in your soul.

Alpha provides Biblical teaching about what God’s Word says concerning the issues of our soul. We believe that through the application of God’s Word to a person’s everyday life, negative soul issues can be overcome, thus making the “Abundant Life” that Jesus promised a reality for believers now.

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