Who We Are

Alpha Ministries is a family-oriented, spirit-filled, community church embracing all people.

Our History:

Alpha Ministries was birthed on March 1, 1997. The name was chosen specifically to represent the philosophy of the church. Alpha means "new beginning" or “beginning”. Everyone needs a new beginning from time to time and we believe that God offers everyone a chance to start again. It is our desire to see people find Jesus Christ as the greatest beginning for their lives.

Our Vision:

To be a haven where the fallen, the hurting, and the lost can find love, healing, acceptance, forgiveness, and support.

Our Purpose:

  • To teach the scripture without compromising the pureness of God’s Word with the traditions of man.
  • To be a training ground to bring people into Christ-like maturity and to equip them to fulfill their God-given purpose and destiny.
  • To inspire believers to deepen their faith and to encourage nonbelievers to take a second look at the message of Jesus.